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At Magner, Hueneke & Borda, LLP, our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers provide quality representation for individuals who are facing criminal charges. In addition to our criminal law services, we help people with a variety of other legal matters, including family law, estate planning and personal injury.

We are prepared to help you find solutions to your legal problems. Contact us online or call 414-281-4529 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Skilled Guidance Through Divorce and Other Family Law Issues

We can help guide you through all family law issues, including those involving:

  • Divorce: Our attorneys provide attentive service to clients who are going through a divorce or a legal separation. We always advise our clients on the full implications of their decisions as we help them resolve the various issues that arise at the end of a marriage.
  • Property division: We work to ensure that all marital property is divided equally. We will review your financial situation and map out an appropriate course of action for each asset that is subject to division.
  • Child custody: For parents going through a divorce, child custody and visitation rights are often a primary concern. Our firm handles both contested and non-contested child custody and visitation matters.
  • Spousal maintenance/alimony: Spousal support, or alimony, is often a hotly contested matter, especially in divorce cases involving significant assets. Regardless of who pays or receives spousal maintenance, we are committed to helping our clients protect their interests.
  • Post-judgment modifications: We handle post-decree divorce matters involving child custody modifications, modifications of physical placement on a visitation arrangement, child support modifications and contempt proceedings.
  • Paternity: From single mothers seeking financial support for their children to unwed fathers wishing to protect their custody, visitation and other fathers’ rights, our attorneys can help with paternity testing and all other related legal matters.
  • Family law appeals: We handle family law rulings that failed to provide the fair and lawful outcome clients need.

Protecting the Rights of Those Facing Criminal Charges

We provide aggressive criminal law defense for individuals facing a full range of felony and misdemeanor charges, including:

  • Drunk driving defense: If you have been arrested for OWI/DWI/DUI, it is important to take immediate steps toward protecting your rights by retaining legal representation right away. We can help build a strong defense on your behalf, and we may be able to minimize the potential consequences.
  • Sex crimes: Whether you are facing charges for sexual assault, child molestation, Internet sex crimes, possession of child pornography or solicitation of a minor, we offer strong criminal defense reputation that is designed to protect your reputation and your freedom.
  • Juvenile crimes: Our firm provides aggressive juvenile defense representation to young adults who are facing the most serious juvenile and criminal offenses such as homicide, sexual assault, armed robbery, gun crimes and other violent crimes.
  • Criminal appeals: We challenge convictions and sentencing that arose out of error in fact, error in ruling, error in law and/or error in sentencing. We can handle your case in appellate court when your case warrants an appeal.

Helping You With the Estate Planning Process

We also help people plan for their family’s future by offering a full range of estate planning services, including:

  • Wills and estate planning: Beginning with an estate planning questionnaire, we will carefully consider your unique familial and financial situation. We will use this information to craft an estate plan that meets your needs, protects your family and provides you with peace of mind. We can establish various estate planning directives, including wills, trusts, living wills, special needs trusts and powers of attorney.
  • Probate: Have you been named a personal representative of a decedent’s estate? We can help ensure that your fiduciary responsibilities are met and that you are protected should a dispute arise. We can determine if probate proceedings are needed, given the unique situation of each estate, and we can help you settle the estate’s final affairs.

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We can help you with family law, personal injury, criminal law and estate planning matters. Contact us online or call 414-281-4529 to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.

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