Post Judgment Modifications

The Milwaukee post-judgment modification attorneys at our firm handle post-judgment modifications that arise after a divorce has been finalized. Post-judgment modifications can involve child custody and child support and may bring about contempt proceedings. At Magner, Hueneke & Borda, LLP, we provide experienced representation in post-judgment modifications. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ futures — both during divorce proceedings and when any issues arise after a judgment of divorce.

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Child Custody and Post-Judgment Modifications

Child custody arrangements may be changed because of a substantial change in circumstance. Perhaps a parent wishes to relocate to another school district, county or state. Perhaps an older child had made a request to live with the other parent. Our firm represents people who are requesting changes and people who are contesting changes. Modifications can be difficult to obtain, particularly if a change has been made within two years. Our firm has the experience to address your questions and concerns.

Child Support and Post-Judgment Modifications

Child support modifications can be based on a substantial change in income or the needs of a child. Under Wisconsin law, ex-spouses are required to exchange financial information on a yearly basis. When an income change is substantial, an increase or decrease in child support may become necessary. Additionally, if a person fails to exchange financial information, he or she could be held in contempt. Our firm also handles contempt proceedings involving non-payment of child support.

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