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Child Custody Dispute MilwaukeeIn Wisconsin, the term “legal custody” does not refer to where the children live, but rather to the allocation of decision-making authority between the parties with respect to major decisions. Conversely, the term “physical placement” is used to refer to where the children are to live, and the term “periods of physical placement” refers to the time the children are placed with a particular parent or custodian.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement as to the custody or physical placement for the children, the court may have to decide the issue after a trial. The children’s best interests are represented at the trial by a court-appointed attorney, known as a guardian ad litem. A custody study may be prepared for the benefit of the court and can play a significant role in the guardian ad litem’s recommendation to the court, as well as the court’s decision.

Once orders establishing legal custody and physical placement have been entered, they can be very difficult to modify. This amplifies the importance of having custody and placement matters handled correctly from the beginning. Our Milwaukee child custody attorneys at Magner, Hueneke & Borda, LLP, understand that custody battles can be extremely taxing and will work hard to achieve our clients’ goals while making sure that the children’s best interests are always in the forefront. Contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.

How Does Custody and Physical Placement Affect Child Support?

Child support payment amounts are calculated by taking a percentage, established by the statutory guidelines, of the noncustodial parent’s gross monthly income. In instances where the parties share physical placement of the children, other factors, such as the parties’ gross incomes and the number of annual overnights, are used to calculate the child support obligation. Child support amounts can be changed through post-judgment modifications after the initial order, provided there is a substantial material change in circumstances.

Visitation, Parenting Plans and Fathers’ Rights

After physical placement with a particular parent is determined, a visitation schedule or parenting plan must be created. We strive to help parents agree upon a custody/visitation schedule that works best for their situation, with a primary focus on preserving valuable parent-child relationships.

Depending on the situation, the protection of a biological father’s custody and visitation rights can also involve issues of paternity. We can help address all of your related custody and paternity concerns.

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